How to Avoid a Hair-Cut From Hell

haircutHaving good hair is a major confidence booster and can set your look apart from other people. I find having long hair really comforting, and personally really find it difficult to allow anyone near me with a pair of scissors.

After months of avoiding the hairdressers, I decided enough was enough when my hair was reaching bum-length. Unfortunately though, the lady that cut my hair may as well have gone at me with a pair of garden pliers. (Crisis has since been averted by booking a different hair appointment). In order to help some of you avoid getting a disappointing hair cut, I thought I’d compile a little list of what to do when choosing your salon.

1. Try not to get your hair-cut on a whim 

Whenever I feel like I want a big change in my life, the temptation is always to cut my hair short. Every time this thought crosses my mind, I make sure to sleep on it just in case I change my mind.

Similarly, when you have an important occasion looming, it always seems tempting to get your hair done directly beforehand. Always leave a few days in between just in case you need to rectify a bad cut. 

2. Always book a professional


We’ve all had one of those days where you think it might be a good idea to cut your own hair – I mean how hard could it be right?!  

WRONG. Just one slip of the hand could leave your fringe looking like a furry caterpillar crawling across your forehead. 




3. Read reviews or get recommendations from friends

Don’t make my stupid mistake of not checking out the reputation of a hair salon before booking. It’s all too tempting to pop into one that’s really local, but they may not have the experience to give you the cut you want.

4. Tell the hairdresser exactly what you want done

108916595If you are like me, you’ll be terrified that the hairdresser will take too much off your hair. Always make sure to indicate a the length you want snipped by showing them on your hair.



5. Don’t be bullied into changing your vision

I’ve been to the salon so many times where they have tried to push me into getting more layers or a new style. No matter how good they convince you it’s going to look, if you’re not sold don’t go for it! Ultimately, you are paying them to cut your hair, so do what makes YOU happy.


Following these little steps will reduce the chances of you getting a disappointing cut (though sadly sometimes it’s hard to avoid them). If you have any tips on how to avoid bad salon experiences, please comment them down below! 

3 thoughts on “How to Avoid a Hair-Cut From Hell

  1. I agree with all of these, I’ve had the same hairdresser since I was little and I’ve never had a bad cut she always listens and does what I want. I totally agree with the whim thing although I tend to wait a week before finally deciding.

  2. I’m terrified of getting my hair cut too. Mainly as I spend ages growing my hair and don’t want them hacking loads off! I always bring pictures of what I want done, what length and what colour so the hairdresser knows exactly what I’m looking for. Since I’ve done this – no more bad haircuts!

  3. I couldn’t agree more on not getting bullied into a different haircut. You’re paying so you should decide

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