BOOK REVIEW: We Need to Talk About Kevin


Fancy a dark read this winter? We Need to Talk About Kevin is a book that’ll change your life.

The novel supports the burden of a deeply disturbing subject matter: a school shooting.

It’s almost unbelievable that Shiver manages to address the tragedy and fully engage the mind of the reader without it becoming too heavy to digest.

I was completely enchanted by the content which was both devastating and entertaining.

Shiver takes you on an exploration of the mind and pushes you to question your instincts as a human being

The novel has everything: tragedy, drama, heartache and humour.

Nevertheless, one of my favourite aspects of the novel was actually what isn’t written on the page.

I often feel like my imagination is killed by authors who explain too much, or conversely I get frustrated by stories that aren’t given enough direction

For me, Shiver strikes the perfect balance.

Instead of trying to tie all loose ends into one neat box, she leaves ambiguities that allow you to draw your own conclusions without feeling unsatisfied.

On your journey through the twists and turns of Kevin’s life, every chapter adds a layer of complexity that makes you question your standpoint.

As a very maternal person, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to identify with a narrator that didn’t share my natural nurturing instincts.

Surprisingly, I was completely absorbed by the struggling mother’s discourse and felt an instant connection with her inner voice.

Writing the novel in an epistolary style allows the reader to gain an intimate insight into the breakdown of a relationship between husband and wife.

The more I read the carefully constructed letters, the further entangled I became in the intricacy of parental conflict.

Without a doubt it’s opened my eyes to the fairy-tale fantasy I have been striving towards my entire life.

Settling down definitely doesn’t mean living the perfect family life raising adoring children.

I must admit that reading it will also be the perfect form of contraception if you’re feeling a bit broody.

I could discuss We Need to Talk About Kevin for hours, but I’m conscious that I don’t want to ruin the plot for you all.

Without a doubt, Shiver’s masterpiece has made its way into my Top 5 favourite books of all time, and I completely back all the hype surrounding it.

I’m now searching for another thriller to read to satisfy my craving for psychological novels.

If you have any recommendations, be sure to recommend them down below.

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