Afternoon tea at the Library Lounge

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of afternoon tea, so visiting the Library Lounge seemed like an absolute no brainer when I stumbled across reviews  online.

After a few clicks on Bookatable, I managed to nab a spot in the quaint dining room, which is inside the London Marriott County Hotel.

My boyfriend Sam and I have been talking about going out for a boozy brunch for a while, so I thought it’d be the perfect Christmas prezzie.

Despite the fact it was tipping down outside, it ended up feeling a lot more special (and sophisticated) than I imagined as we walked up the fancy driveway.


We were made to feel welcome as soon as we made our way into The Library Lounge, as the host gave us a choice of seating options. 

Just as we were settling down, another couple left a window seat with amazing views of Big Ben and The Thames.

Without hesitation, the waitress asked us if we wanted to move spaces, and we delightedly accepted.

Each table was separated by bookshelves packed with beautiful antique editions, which gives diners an element of privacy.


As a tea lover, I also took great pleasure in being able to smell all the different leaves available (even though I did my usual and stuck with Earl Grey).

Guests have the option to pay for free-flowing bubbles at £41 per head, and the host kept us regularly topped up with Cava throughout our sitting.

Afternoon tea food options at The Library Lounge changes from sitting-to-sitting, and we were treated to plenty of delicious treats.

A special shout out has to go to the waiting staff, who were brimming with knowledge about the menu items available. 

Some of the highlights include the apple and cinnamon scones, mini quiches and tiny lemon tarts. 

But the biggest victory for me was the lack of raisins on the stand, as I really can’t stomach them.


After we demolished our first layer of finger sandwiches, the waitress immediately offered to bring us some more.

We wondered whether or not we would be stung with a heavy charge for these extras, but they didn’t end up on the bill.

As well as the delicious food and great service, the atmosphere in The Library Lounge was perfect.

It was small enough to maintain the buzz from the tables, but quiet enough to enjoy the conversation and have a relax.

After over two hours of bliss, we left the Marriott feeling very full and content.

I’d recommend stopping off for afternoon tea for anyone who visits London, as the whole ritual feels so quintessentially British.

The Library Lounge definitely gets my recommendation as being one of my favourite venues in London.

Other afternoon tea hotspots are The Swan (Globe Theatre), Ruben’s hotel and the Montcalm hotel.

I’m always on the hunt for exciting date night ideas or dining options in London, so please leave any recommendations in the comments below.

Soph x

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