The Weekly Roundup 23.01.17 – 29.01.17

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a weekly roundup on Little Bit Soph since getting back into blogging.

Sort of like a digital diary without quite so many emotional outbursts as my physical journal.

It’s been quite a fun one this week, so here goes…


For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working as a journalist.

It’s amazing to be able to write for a living (and get paid for it), but working on a news-desk has its ups and downs.

Over the past week, I’ve had quite a lot of late shifts – which I describe as “rainy days”.

Having said this, I’ve produced some content that I’m quite happy with in recent days.

Not only did I get to talk to a body language expert about the Trump and May meeting, I also got to write an article about The Chase’s Paul Sinha letting his hair down at a universe party.




This week’s been fun on the going out front.

One of my work pals recommended giving Swingers a go – which is a lot less filthy than it sounds.

The mini golf venue in Bank, London, provided hours of fun on Tuesday night.

Not only did the barman make a mean mojito, the ambience was buzzing without being too overwhelming.


As much as I know golf isn’t in my clumsy bones, it was a right giggle and we didn’t have to wait long to get a free spot (even though we didn’t book).

My only criticism is that it was a little busy when we were making our way around the course.

Even after a couple of cocktails I did feel nervous making some of my shots with other golfers watching in the background.


On Saturday, I had another amazing day at White Hart Lane.

I was spared witnessing another loss at Brisbane Road as we got to watch Wycombe take on Spurs in the executive box.

As a football lover, the view of watching the stadium fill-up with fans was a thing of absolute beauty.


A lively crowd provided a great atmosphere and we got to see seven goals in total (including two penalties).

Sadly, Wycombe didn’t quite manage to seal the deal, as the game ended 4-3. 

My boyfriend and I had plans to go out in Shoreditch after, but were definitely a little too worse for wear after three bottles of Pinot.


The weekend was perfectly rounded off by going on a nice dog walk, followed by a gut-busting fry up.

We had the pleasure of meeting my sister’s new boyfriend (!) which was certainly a highly-anticipated moment.

It was lovely to have the whole family together and a little rest before my late shift on Sunday evening.


In the upcoming week, I have two more late shifts rota-ed in at work (but then I’ll be done with them for a while yippee!)

Dad and I will also brave going to watch Leyton Orient vs Carlisle on Saturday.

My favourite ex-Orient player will be returning to take on our East London team, and it’s the first match with our new manager Webb.

I’m hoping to get more blog posts done over the coming days, so fingers crossed I’ll find the motivation.

To keep up with what I get up to during the week, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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